About Noelia Ramos Law


The Noelia Ramos law firm began its career more than 20 years ago in South Florida, little by little and with a lot of effort it has been expanding its recognition in various cities in the United States.

The experience during this time in immigration, real estate and business purchasing issues has allowed it to become a credible law firm by various communities, business owners, local authorities and the media.

For the attorneys at our firm, the world of immigration, real estate or business purchasing law is a job they are passionate about.

Fulfilling each project, helping those in need, collaborating with innovative projects, and advising the migrant community is a pleasure for each of our buffet collaborators.


In a short time, Office Law Noelia Ramos managed to be identified as a solid, reliable, credible firm and, above all, acceptance thanks to the effectiveness of the processes, time management, and the ability to respond to all issues.

To better understand, Office Law Noelia Ramos is the representation of our CEO Noelia Ramos, a determined, organized, proactive, inspiring woman, with the virtue of looking for a solution when it seems that everything is lost.

You can see the commitment and credibility of our firm reflected in each interview it offers to media outlets such as Telemundo, Univisión, and Central American media, collaborating in advising the migrant community.

Today, Office Law Noelia Ramos can affirm that it has established itself as an updated, modern buffet, in line with technological and legal challenges, with exchange networks and presence in various forums, meetings and workshops to offer the best to the public that needs a lawyer. to defend their rights.